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Originations Partners

We provide our partners with the time and resources needed to quickly grow their origination business. Being a GNMA Direct lender allows iServe to underwrite government loans such as VA, FHA & USDA to our own guidelines with no overlays. We give you more flexibility to generate the right loans for your clients, especially those with unique financial situations.



Top Reasons to join iServe

  • A dedicated transition team for each new branch and loan officer
  • An operational team with extensive backgrounds in sales.
  • Unparalleled flexibility to find a loan for every kind of borrower
  • A dedicated Marketing Team with access to pre-approved flyers for email and marketing campaigns
  • Dedicated underwriting coordinators for each location. Write enough loans and we’ll put an underwriter in your office!
  • Accessible industry veterans are available to answer any questions about underwriting guidelines and loan products
  • An experienced closing department that’s well versed in all of our markets. That means your loans will close faster than those of your competition
  • FHA and VA experts with an average underwriting tenure of 15 years
  • As a GNMA insured lender we can create our own FHA guidelines
  • iServe’s proprietary “FastTrack” process gets your files moving faster than ever before giving you the ability to write and close more loans faster
  • Innovative web based LOS that provides you with maximum efficiency
  • Broad range of investors
  • iPhone & Android mobile applications for pricing
  • A company focused on 100% retail 100% of the time