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At iServe Residential Lending, LLC we stand behind every branch and loan officer and empower you to maximize your earning potential by providing you with the speed and operational support you need. We call it iService while our partners call it fast and hassle free. It’s simple: we only succeed when our partners do. While other organizations seek to overwhelm you and your business, iServe Residential Lending makes sure that you maintain your identity and your client relationships. With iServe you are the direct home lender to your client, and a partnership with iServe is the most valuable advantage you can give your business. IServe takes care of your business so you can take care of your clients

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iServe Residential Lending, LLC, is a rapidly growing mortgage lender. We’ll provide you with the products, pricing, and operational support to help you succeed. You will be working for a direct lender with financial strength that empowers you to grow your business and you will have access to all the resources and benefits of a multi-state mortgage company. Your success is our greatest strength...iServe has the tools for you to thrive!

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The partnership begins when we make your move to iServe Residential Lending, LLC as quick and seamless as possible. The purpose of our corporate support is to free up your time and resources so you can focus exclusively on originating and closing residential loans. iServe’s comprehensive corporate support helps you maximize your earning potential personal career growth.

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iServe Residential Lending, LLC is always looking to expand its network of dependable and trustworthy partners. For more information please contact our National Recruiter, Brian Monjazeb at (858) 945-0090 or visit www.joiniserve.com.

Loan Application Process

What to Expect When You Purchase Your Home


    If you're purchasing a home, pre-qualification lets you know the loan amount you qualify for, so you can start your search with a realistic budget in mind.


    Here you will begin to fill out our fully digital and easy online application, making this as stress free as posible. And you can also find help here you with your application.


    Once you're in contract, we'll order an appraisal. An appraiser will value the property, based on size, condition and location, so you can move forward with peace of mind. You will receive a copy of the appraisal.


    We'll verify your employment, credit history, assets, and income to determine your eligibility.


    A loan decision will be made at this stage.


    If you're approved and any conditions are satisfied by the underwriter, your loan docs will be drawn and sent to your closing agent.


    Here’s the fun part! Once your loan docs have been signed and funds are transferred, the Deed to the property records and escrow is closed. Now you can start planning your housewarming party!

About iServe Residential Lending, LLC

Knowledge. Experience. Commitment.

iServe Residential Lending, LLC was established in 2007 as a multi-state residential mortgage banker. iServe Residential Lending, LLC offers the financial strength, experienced personnel and passionate commitment in providing mortgage services to our customers. With our corporate headquarters in San Diego, CA. As a customer-centric organization, we are determined to make our customers' financial goals become a reality both quickly and efficiently through a diverse platform of mortgage solutions. When each of our employees says "I care" it’s not just a statement, but a philosophy displayed through our professionalism and exceptional service. This is who we are. We are iServe!